Who, What & Where

  • Comparisol (Renewables in Africa)

  • Comparisol Application Development - Pilot

  • Rwanda

The Company

Comparisol is a mobile application for both feature and smartphones which improves market awareness and education on sustainable solar home systems in rural and peri-urban areas of Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Challenge

In its target market Rwanda, 59% of the population do not have an electricity connection. As a result, consumers use stopgap technologies such as kerosene lamps, which increase the poverty premium affecting healthcare, education and CO2 emissions. On the flipside – 80% of Rwandans own a mobile phone, most likely a feature phone. Bringing these facts together, Comparisol increases awareness of a much cleaner solution, namely off-grid solar, using mobile phones.

Renewable Solution

Comparisol is a mobile marketplace in which solar shoppers can search and purchase verified solar providers within their financial capabilities. An integral part of the mobile marketplace functioning is the application development of Comparisol. The app will run on web, mobile and (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) USSD, a technology ubiquitous in developing nations.The app will have to have the following features (in all formats):

• An algorithm that calculates the best three products for a customer from dozens based on location, credit score, product quality, budget etc.

• Location tracking of the customer: this is needed for the algorithm to find suitable solar providers based on the customer’s location.

• Credit scoring facilities: needed to assess the customer’s eligibility to purchase a solar product.

An important module in the application will be the awareness programme designed to provide knowledge about solar energy and solar products to customers.

Project Financing and Costs

 Project total investment is EUR 80,000. So far, Comparisol has received the following investments pledges:

  • Scottish Enterprise: GBP 15,000;

  • Early investor/Advisor: USD 5,000;

  • Partners: Renewables in Africa, Scottish Enterprise, Statera Capital, Challenges Worldwide, Africa’s Talking, Climate-KIC.

Project Outcome

The pilot project will be aimed to serve around 50 to 100 people. Feedback and Lessons learned will be used to refine the market. Comparisol should be able to provide more updates by early 2019.