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  • Project Ditunga - 1500 wind turbine and 2400 Wp solar system
  • Ditunga Radio Station, Democratic Republic of Congo

The Company

Bornay was founded in the early 70s by Juan Bornay and still today remains a family business now in its second generation. Currently, Bornay has about 30 employees, internal and external to the organisation, that make their teams of differential intangible value. Today, Bornay has developed more than 6,000 installations worldwide, mainly PV-wind hybrid systems for off-grid applications.

Throughout this whole experience, the main business motivation has always been based on two aspects: to bring renewable energy where there is none and make our company a source of inspiration. Bornay produces small wind turbines and supplies quality products to produce energy at isolated placements. Bornay can bring its expertise to all stages of a project including design, installation, support, etc.

The Challenge

Project Ditunga is a small community with different services including a community, a radio station, one school and businesses for different people. The main problem was that there was no access to energy. When the problem of financing the supply of all the equipment needed was successfully solved, the next step was to supply energy according to peoples’ needs at any time.

Even after the project setup, transportation remains the largest problem. Transit times and custom problems are the main obstacles at this moment. Up to six months will be needed for a container to arrive in Nagandajika, scheduled to be delivered at the end of October 2014.

Renewable Solution

Main electricity was possible, but cost and service guarantee was a handicap. Therefore, renewable energy was presented as the best possible solution. 

The project was executed in different stages:

1) Radio Station: The radio station receives energy from a Hybrid System composed by a Bornay 1500 wind turbine and 2400 Wp solar system, both systems charging a battery bank of 24 v. 1200 Ah. The power conversion is done by a Victron Energy inverter / charger of 3 kVA.

2) School: A hybrid system with 3 x Bornay wind turbines and a solar system, charging a 48 volts battery bank, provides energy to 28 school rooms, all of them equipped with light systems, computer, printer and general installations with computers, printers, copiers, etc. There is a diesel generator for emergency use on this installation.

3) Chicken farm: The hybrid system with Bornay Wind turbine and solar system provides energy to a chicken farm that satisfies the alimentation needs of the students at the school. Bornay provides all the energy supply and the incubator systems for a production of more than 2000 chicken a month.

Project Financing and Costs

Various institutions including Caritas, banks, NGOs and municipalities in Spain have financed this project. During the last three years, the investment reached nearly 400,000 €.

Project Outcome

Initial estimation is that this investment will benefit a population of around 20,000 habitants. Among these are the 2,000 students at the local school, which is being upgraded to accommodate up to 6,000 students.

Thanks to this investment, the size of the community is increasing exponentially and new businesses such as chicken farms, electricians, micro solar stations providers, installers and transportation are appearing.



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