Who, What & Where

  • Ankur Scientific Energy Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

  • A novel technology for processing MSW with minimal sorting / separation & with maximum energy recovery

  • Vadodara, India

The Company

Ankur Scientific is one of global leaders in the field of biomass to energy solutions since the last 30 years and has supplied systems to more than 35 countries across the globe.

After creating a niche in this field, ‘Ankur’ is moving forward to being an innovative leader in the area of waste to energy solutions and has developed innovative technologies for converting various wastes to energy and the latest offering is the novel technology for converting Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to energy with minimum segregation and at distributed levels.

The Challenge

The issues and challenges of MSW in most of the developing nations are:

  • MSW as is disposed today creates ever expanding landfills. These are a huge health hazard for the flora and fauna around.
  • Centralised landfills lead to huge transport requirements of waste from various parts of the urban areas. This leads to increased environmental and social degradation.
  • Hazardous gas emissions – methane, toluene, methylene chloride etc. Methane is highly combustible -  responsible for explosion hazards in  landfills + affects the ozone layer
  • Contamination of Surface & groundwater sources. Leachate seeps into groundwater and leading to health issues.

Renewable Solution

  • A distributed waste should be used in a distributed manner. Solution should allow its use in small towns and villages as well as large cities.
  • The emissions should be below all permissible limits.
  • There should be substantial volume reduction in waste stream after processing.
  • Should treat the waste almost online.
  • The projects should be Opex sustainable.

Project Financing and Costs

Investments have been made by Ankur Scientific for both CAPEX and OPEX.

Project Outcome

  • Innovative technology
  • Converting major challenge to become an opportunity
  • MSW processed with very limited separation / pre-treatment
  • One of the most cost effective solution
  • Plant Capex and Opex ensuring faster recovery of capital
  • No liquid emissions – no leachate
  • Gaseous emissions well within limits