Who, What & Where

  • Ankur Scientific Energy Technologies PVT. LTD.
  • Biomass gasifier for rural electrification
  • Thakurwadi, Maharashtra (India)

Renewable Solution

Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Biomass Gasification System for 100% Power Generation Application; Ankur Scientific supplied, installed and commissioned the Biomass Gasification System with suitable 100% producer gas genset of 10-kWe rating and provided training to the local villagers for them to operate and maintain the plant smoothly;

The aim is to provide electricity to around 100 houses in Thakurwadi (Tribal area) and the solution was chosen because:

  • Locally available woody biomass was used in the Gasifier
  • On demand Power availability
  • Ease of operation and hold on process cost
  • No fossil fuel required

Project Outcome

  • Energy access in the rural area
  • Wealth from Waste
  • Small-Scale Employment Generation
  • Great boost to Rural Entrepreneurship
  • Positive Impact on migration to urban areas
  • Unlike other technologies, 70-80% of the revenue returns to the local economy
  • The energy is clean and green
  • Reduces CO2 emissions, thus reducing Global Warming
  • The charcoal generated as by products are used for smokeless cooking and the char is used as fertiliser by the farmers


Ashok Chaudhuri, General Manager