Who, What & Where

  • Hybrid System of Solar and Diesel for Rural electrification
  • Bancoumana, Mali

The Company

ACCESS is a Malian solar and hybrid energy systems company with 10 years of experience in urban and rural electrification sectors.

The Challenge

  • 20.000 inhabitants at Bancoumana, no modern energy services available.
  • Monthly avg. expenditure for kerosene, candles and batteries was around 25,50 EUR.

Renewable Solution

  • Mali solar irradiation - 5-6kWh/m2/day.
  • Mini-grid constructed with collaboration of ACCESS, Malian government and KfW.
  • Solar hybrid systems:
    • Solar PV field 33 kWc
    • Back-up generator 64 kW
    • Batteries Storage 3640Ah/48V
    • Grid length 10 Km in low voltage

Project Financing and Costs

  • Project Investment: 404.068,26 EUR   
  • 20% from ACCESS
  • 80% of KfW/AMADER (Malian REA) as investment grant.
  • Tariff determined by regulator on basis of tools considering the interests of both the operator and the community.
  • OPEX covered as each client pays monthly bill of 0,28 EUR/kWh
  • ACCESS manages and operates the project.

Project Outcome

  • Electricity for 393 households, small business, schools, health centre and street lights.
  • Creation of new jobs and activities in the village.

Next Steps

  • The densification of the mini-grid, extension of solar capacity and battery storage.

  • Improve the clients’ management system by introducing smart meters.

  • The Government of Mali, in collaboration with donors, is to replicate the model for 50 more.