Brussels, 5 February 2014 - The Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) has launched today the first edition of its Latin America Offgrid Energy Market Briefs, with “Market Brief - The Peru Off-Grid Market in 12 Pages: Players and Business Opportunities”.

The Latin American Market Briefs result from ARE’s objective to expand the global reach of their market intelligent, after previously analysing the power sector of three African countries: Cameroon, Djibouti and Zambia. The Colombian and Bolivian editions are expected to be release in March 2014.

The Peru Brief was put together by ARE and the Berkeley Rural Energy Group (BREG) to assess the legal and governmental framework, key stakeholders and business opportunities of Peru’s off-grid market. It also highlights the challenges of implementing off-grid energy technologies, how it can meet this demand and future expansion plans. While grid expansion in remote areas is becoming more costly, off-grid solutions based on hydro, solar, and wind energy present a viable alternative to energy provided by the grid.

Marcus Wiemann, ARE Secretary General said “Latin America has a large untapped potential for rural electrification. In Peru’s case in particular, this is coupled with the government’s willingness to expand the renewable energy sector and reaching universal energy access” he continued, “We hope these Briefs will fill the information gap currently existing in many developing and emerging countries and encourage the private sector to invest in Latin America.”

Dimitry Gershenson, Graduate Director of the BREG commented, "It was a great pleasure working on this set of briefs with ARE. We hope this concise view on the Peruvian rural electrification landscape is useful for the private sector in targeting expansion, working with government, and providing the highest value to consumers."


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