The Alliance of Rural Electrification (ARE) is working on a daily basis with key partner organisations to promote and to advance the development of rural electrification markets. Consequently, ARE helps to close the gap between private sector and institutions, governments/agencies and NGOs/civil society.

ARE’s partnerships vary in nature and can generally be divided into four categories, which reflect the overall vision and mission of the Alliance:

Firstly, ARE engages in partnerships with key organisations, such as AEEP, EUEI PDF, IRENA and SEforALL, which aim to improve policy and regulation frameworks for renewable off-grid electrification solutions. These partnerships are essential because they raise awareness of rural electrification while enabling more favorable conditions to scale the off-grid market.

Given the fundamental importance of access to financing for the development of rural electrification markets and projects, ARE also engages in a series of partnerships focused on investment and financing support as well as on project implementation. Key partners for ARE in this respect are the European Commission as well as GET.invest and the OPEC’s Fund for International Development (OFID).

ARE has furthermore established industry cooperation partnerships with relevant private sector driven organsations such as with ALER (promotion of renewable energies in Portuguese speaking countries) and with GOGLA (promotion of the use of off-grid lighting applications) to increase the impact through common activities. From ARE membership perspective these partnerships are important as they help to create more market transparency and they also enable better market access.

Finally, also in this regard, ARE engages in a wide range of additional partnerships to improve sharing of best practices and capacity building in the sector

Through the higher impact of common efforts and realised synergies the partnerships with ARE lead to a higher visibility of the off-grid sector and more importantly also to its better recognition. Consequently, as it is the common purpose of ARE and its partners to make access to rural electrification markets more attractive, ARE members are best positioned to grow above market average. These benefit from first-hand access to existing and upcoming business opportunities, funding schemes and networking opportunities, as well as from high level contacts and early market information.

Policy & Regulation – Raising Awareness Project Implementation - Investment & Finance

   AEEP - African EU Energy Partnership

   ASEP - Access to Sustainable Energy Programme

   CLUB-ER - Club des Agences et Structures Nationales en charge de l'Electrification Rurale

   DFID – UK Department for International Development

   EUEI PDF - EU Energy Initiative Partnership Dialogue Facility


   IRENA - International Renewable Energy Agency

   Power For All

  SEforALL – Sustainable Energy for All


   UNIDO - United Nations Industrial Development Organization

   AFDB – The African Development Bank

   European Commission


   GIZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit

   IRENA - International Renewable Energy Agency

   OFID - The OPEC Fund for International Development

   Rockefeller Foundation

Private Sector Cooperation – Market Access & Technology Transfer Capacity Building / Market Information

   Asian Development Bank

   ALER - Assosciao Lusofona de Energias Renovais

   EBTC – European Business and Technology Centre

   Inter-American Development Bank

  • Innovative Business Models for Clean Energy Access in Latin America


   IRENA - International Renewable Energy Agency

   GESA - Global Energy Storage Alliance


    GOGLA – Global Off-Grid Lighting Association

    IEC – International Electrotechnical

    MESIA - Middle East Solar Industry Association

   RES4MED - Renewable Energy Solutions for the Mediterranean 

   T9 – International Energy Agency Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme Task 9

   Berkeley University, RAEL - Renewable & Appropriate Energy Laboratory


    Cambridge & Oxford University


   IEA – International Energy Agency

   REN21 - Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century


   UNF – United Nations Foundation


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Executive Director

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