Leading German off-grid solar provider installs 50,000 smart solar home and business systems

Berlin, Germany, 28 June 2016 - ARE member Mobisol, the leading provider of smart rent-to-own solar solutions in East Africa, has installed 50,000 solar systems for rural homes and businesses, thus reaching out to over 250,000 beneficiaries.

The Berlin-based company’s solar systems are powerful enough to cover the entire electricity needs of average African households. The solar systems are paid off over three years in small instalments and are thus also affordable for low-income customers. Mobisol systems are designed specifically for the African market and come with extended warranty and comprehensive customer service - including remote maintenance via the well-developed East African mobile network. Having installed over 5MW of solar capacity, Mobisol currently compensates for approximately 25,000t of CO2 per year by replacing fossil energy sources.

Reliable solar power raises the living standards of rural families who do not have access to the electrical grid. Using Mobisol solar energy 150,000 children can now do their homework at night without inhaling the noxious fumes of kerosene lamps. In addition, many Mobisol customers use their solar system commercially: Approximately 15,000 small businesses generate an additional household income of over 5 million Euros per year with their Mobisol system. Mobisol also creates new green jobs and training opportunities in the typically precarious labour markets of East Africa. The "Mobisol Akademie" provides a comprehensive education for the company’s employees and so far, over 800 jobs have been created. 

Mobisol’s founder and CEO Thomas Gottschalk explains: “When we commercially launched our products three years ago, our main vision was to mitigate climate change. Fifty thousand installed solar systems later, I am even more thrilled to see our customers’happiness when they turn on their lights, TV and fridge for the first time, or start up a small energy-based business. Access to clean, affordable and reliable energy literally empowers entire nations to live up to their potential – improving economic well-being anduplifting communities’ quality of life.”

Thomas Duveau, head of business development, adds: “High-quality large off-grid solar systems for households and small businesses can substitute the grid. Stand-alone solar systems that cover 100% of the electricity needs of customers are the future of energy provision for emerging nations – they are logistically easy to implement, cheaper and more reliable than the grid. Today, Mobisol is already a major driver of rural development in East Africa. We are currently expanding our efficient appliances and products portfolio while expanding to Kenya and further new markets in Africa and Asia.


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