18 September 2014 - The first downpours herald the forthcoming rainy season but the sun still shines for several hours a day in Mthengo wa Nthenga, providing energy for the DREAM centre and the molecular biology laboratory.

With contributions from Total France Foundation, the support of Total Malawi, and the technical collaboration of the company IME - Pastore Italia, a well integrated Italian-Malawian technical team has recently put a hybrid power plant into operation. By taking energy from solar panels and storing it in batteries it supplies environmentally friendly electric power free of charge. This will allow savings on the cost of diesel fuel and inelectricity bills, freeing up resources that can be used for other necessities at DREAM.

This is due to the very powerful, innovative SUNSYS HPS (Hybrid Power System) solution, designed and made by Socomec especially for Africa and areas without electricity, or where the power supply is not continuous.

140 solar panels supply 35 kWp of electric power that is partly used and partly stored in 32 special batteries with a total capacity of 100 kWh.

Read the press release here.