24 April 2019 – A village in Togo saw the launch of a new microgrid project, the Tomorrow’s Connected Community, developed by BBOXX, which aims to unlock the economic potential of entire communities.

The project looks to promote the concept of ‘communities of the future’ and is being rolled out in the rural village of Sikpé Afidégnon in Togo.

BBOXX has implemented the microgrid concept in Togo alongside EDF, which holds a 50% stake in BBOXX Togo, under the brand BBOXX avec EDF. BBOXX and EDF are also engaged with additional innovative international and local partners to make this Togo project a reality.

Sikpé Afidégnon comprises of 300 houses and 4,000 people in the south of the country and, through this project, will be powered by solar electricity including, streetlights, households, schools and small shops.

The community can also access other utility products and services, such as clean cooking solutions, internet services and water pumps.

ARE Member Sunkofa supported the project by providing mini-grids business development services to BBOXX.


Source: https://www.bboxx.co.uk/tomorrows-connected-community-bboxx-unveils-vision-community-future-developing-world/