Cajamarca, Peru, 28 January 2016 - The National Fund of Scientific & Technological Development and Technological Innovation of Peru (FONDECYT) has awarded ARE member ACCIONA Microenergia Peru a grant to develop an electricity delivery model, adapted to the Peruvian Amazonia, and deploy a pilot project in at least 50 homes.

In Peru, the rainforest area covers 60% of the territory along 11 departments, where more than 400,000 people live without access to conventional electricity service. In this area, the access to electrification is unfeasible through power lines. As a result, many households burn fossil fuels (which is subsidised) to generate electricity for some hours per day. In addition, they also use disposable batteries for lanterns, radios, etc. that damage the environment.

Before this problem, ARE member ACCIONA Microenergia Peru presented to the FONDECYT’s call ‘IDEAS AUDACES 2015’ a proposal to give a sustainable, modular and environmentally-friendly solution. This consists of developing an innovative electricity delivery model based on user participation, shared responsibility and multi-stakeholder partnerships, which is adapted to difficult and very complex environments, and which will apply the most advanced technologies.

The expected outcome of this project is to obtain an assessment of both the acceptance of the proposed model and the viability of the equipment, as well as deploy it in at least 50 homes in different Amazon communities. The offered electricity service will favour the development of the communities and avoid CO2 pollution, non-controlled disposal of pollutant batteries and deforestation.

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