Company Description

Gham Power Nepal Private Limited is a renewable-energy focused social enterprise based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Founded in 2010 by Sandeep Giri, a start-up veteran and co-founder of Logical Matrix (later acquired by Oracle), our initial goals were focused on reducing the burden that excessive power outages (as high as 16 hours a day in dry seasons) posed on Nepal’s urban population. Having installed over 2500 solar projects that cumulatively generate 2.5 MW of electricity, Gham played its part in urban electrification and soon after shifted focus to under-served rural markets by 2013.

We are also the first enterprise to install Microgrid in rural Nepal; the first energy enterprise in Nepal to adopt PAYG schemes; and during 2015’s massive earthquake that killed more than 10,000 with a substantial incidence in rural areas, we were one of the first corporate responders with low-cost, portable mobile charging and lighting devices.

Job description

The objective of this engagement is to maintain in-house expertise to assist Gham Power in better understanding user requirements and improve user interface/user-experience through an iterative process. The consultant will work with the Product Manager, external Development Team as well as early users to facilitate collaboration and improvements in the software product. The consultant will report to and work closely with the Product Manager at Gham Power.


Scope of work:

  • User requirement research: Conduct research, interview current and potential users of the software to understand and outline the requirements, functionalities, and features of the software.

  • Prepare wireframe and UML diagrams (User facing designs): Based on the user requirements, and in consultation with the Product Manager, the consultant will prepare wireframe and UML diagrams for new features and updates on the software.

  • Finalise UI Mockup/Prototype: The consultant will assist dedicated UI/UX professional/designer to prepare design mockups/prototypes based on the wireframe/UML diagrams.

  • Turn design into code: After the design iteration is finalised, the consultant will convert the mockups into actual user interfaces using front-end languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

  • Debugging/quality assurance: The consultant will test the new features and updates both during implementation and after the website/software version goes live to continually check that the software is functioning as expected and address UI/UX issues reported by users.

  • Iterations and improvements: The consultant will conduct user testing with current and potential users to validate designs and improve the user experience through future iterations.

  • Documentation: The consultant will work with the Product Manager and the core Development team to prepare relevant and essential documentation as required.



  • Education: Bachelor in Computer Science, Web Development, Graphic Design, Information Management, Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, or related field.
  • Experience: One year or more experience in UI/UX design, front-end development preferred. Candidates lacking formal experience but with project/portfolio or freelancing exposure will also be considered.
  • Soft/crossover skills: Excellent business acumen, interpersonal and communication, empathy, curiosity, critical thinking, research and analytic skills.
  • Hard / Industry Skills: 
    • Graphic design software – Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw.
    • Prototyping Tools – Sketch, InVision Studio, Balsamiq.
    • Coding – HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
    • Wireframing and prototyping, UX writing, User Testing.


Additional details:

This position is for 1 year with the possibility of extension.

Competitive salary, provident fund, paid holidays, and many other perks.


Evaluation Criteria:

Education and Experience – 10%, Skills – 30%, Project/Portfolio – 30%, Interview – 30%


How to Apply:

Please apply directly through website with your resume and cover letter. If you have questions or to share your portfolio, contact




As soon as possible