Company Description

Practical Action has over 40 years of experience in the energy access space. Over this time we have been involved in over 500 mini-grids projects, created thousands of jobs, published extensively on rural electrification technologies and approaches, and are now pioneering new approaches to building markets for energy access services, both on the ground and through our political and financial advocacy work and innovative partnerships such as Power for All. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more information.

Job description

This assignment focuses on stock-taking and conceptual development to improve access to end-user finance and payment systems in order to increase the demand for energy products and services in ESDS project settings with market-based approaches. For that purpose, concepts for end-user finance and payment system for refugee and host community households shall be developed that improve the access to energy products and services.

The specific objectives of this commissioned study are:

  • Create an overview of existing end-user finance and payment systems for low-income rural areas that are market-based
  • Coordinate the exchange of findings and results with country consultants
  • Propose concepts, a pilot project and implementable end-user finance and payment systems for the ESDS context tasks

Required qualifications and experience:

  • University qualification (Master) in Social or Political Sciences, Economy, Business Administration, Finance, Engineering or similar
  • Excellent business language skills in English
  • 10 years of proven professional experience in the energy or finance sector
  • 5 years of proven professional experience in hands-on end-user finance and payment of low-income areas for energy products and services
  • 3 years of management/leadership experience as project team leader or manager in a company
  • 5 years of experience in projects in sub-Sahara Africa, in particular Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda
  • 3 years of experience in DC projects, in particular with UN organisations
  • proven experience in the Humanitarian Context


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