Company Description

Utilising small-wind, solar and energy storage to create bespoke renewable solutions, Ryse Energy a global leader in decentralised renewable energy generation, providing renewable energy to some of the most challenging urban and rural environments.

We design and manufacture small wind turbines and hybridised off-grid solutions, and with more than 4,000 projects to date, decades of experience, and installations across all seven continents, Ryse Energy brings together the best knowledge, talent and technology available in the market today to drive innovative and practical solutions.

Job description

Internship Overview:

As a growing startup in a fast-moving sector, Ryse Energy is looking to build its online and offline presence as a leader in decentralized renewable energy leader. We are looking for a proactive and keen Marketing & PR Intern with strong skills in social media to build our brand. You will be required to create online and offline marketing strategies and create engaging content.

Duties And Responsibilities

  • S/he is expected to deliver valuable, insightful and relevant copy and related content to be delivered with specific business objectives mostly focused on Digital and Social Media related initiatives, and Opinion Piece articles.
  • Write compelling, purposeful, branded copy.
  • Build social media channels from scratch.
  • Edit, revise and proofreading all internal and external content tone/style/length/subject to drive engagement.
  • Ensure content reflects brand guidelines including brand promise, brand voice and brand personality.
  • The individual is expected to research the renewable energy industry so as to derive insights that will drive the key issues to be utilised online in content.
  • S/he is expected to display initiative, determination and grit to be able to perform all necessary tasks related to the role.


  • Fresh Graduate of BS or BA in Marketing, English, Journalism, or related field from a reputable university - or the proven relevant skillset through other activities
  • Strong research skillset
  • Solid copyright expertise
  • Social media expertise and the knowledge to increase brand presence online
  • The individual needs to demonstrate from previous work experience an ability to take initiative and do things outside of constraints and deliver on their goals and objectives.

How to Apply: Contact via LinkedIn


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