Company Description

PowerCorner is ENGIE's mini-grid initiative, aiming at reaching off-grid population in rural Africa. 

Today ENGIE PowerCorner operates 8 solar mini-grids in Tanzania, with 4 additional mini-grids in construction, as well as 1 mini-grid in Zambia. ENGIE has huge ambitions in terms of energy access, with the aim of developing ENGIE PowerCorner activities in many more countries in sub-saharan Africa in 2019. The goal is to be a leader of the mini-grid market with a key role in framing regulation and technologies.

The initiative is embedded in one of the axes of commitment by ENGIE: becoming a leading company in energy services in rural areas, enabling the economic and social development of local populations, while using renewable energies. 


What does ENGIE PowerCorner do?

ENGIE PowerCorner is present throughout the value chain in the mini-grid implementation process, from site selection to operation, including deployment planning, customer acquisition, customer connection to the network and put into operation.

The technical solution proposed by ENGIE PowerCorner consists of the installation of photovoltaic solar panels, storage by batteries, system of payments via mobile money and smart meters. To date, 8 mini-grids from 16kWc to 41kWp are in operation in Tanzania. They serve between 100 and 250 households as well as various productive uses in each village.

A strong focus is directed towards the development of income-generating activities in the villages where ENGIE PowerCorner operates mini-grids. The design of the mini-grids is therefore reflected in order to favor these uses. In particular energy-efficient appliances are distributed in the villages and financing is provided as lease-to-own in order to stimulate energy demand. What is more ENGIE’s projects rely on agriproducts transformation value chain, adapted to the local context, with the help of local entities (for trainings and market linkage).

Finally ENGIE PowerCorner also seeks to develop complementary solutions to electricity in the villages, such as the provision of internet access, a water distribution network or the deployment of a local network of entrepreneurs.


ENGIE PowerCorner today

Today with 9 mini-grids in operation, total installed generation capacity is 250 kWp. The mini-grids serve around 1,590 connections, including residential, commercial and productive customers, as well as public infrastructures:

  • 1 first pilot mini-grid in Ketumbeine, Tanzania, in operation since March 2016. With 16kWp capacity and 58 kWh batteries, the pilot mini-grid provides electricity to 60 connections.
  • 7 additional solar PV mini-grids in Tanzania with capacities ranging from 16 kWp to 40.5 kWp, serving between 115 and 300 connections.
  • 1 solar PV mini-grid in Chitandika, Zambia Eastern Province, with 40 kWp capacity, serving 120 connections.

With the aim to provide innovating services to enhance rural development, ENGIE is currently testing 2 electric bikes as a commercial innovation in 2 villages of Tanzania.


Job description

ENGIE has strong ambitions in Africa, a continent with a thriving need for energy to sustain its foreseen growth in the coming years.  Our portfolio of activities now comprises 3,000 MW of  electricity generation facilities, both in operation and in construction, located in Morocco (wind and coal-fired plants), Egypt (wind), Senegal (solar PV) and South Africa (wind and oil distillate) ; service activities in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, South Africa, Mozambique, Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger; decentralised power generation, mini-grids development and Solar-Home-Systems (SHS) in 6 countries serving over 2 million people.

The market potential for energy access in Africa is tremendous, with 600 million people without access to electricity in sub-Sahara Africa, of which 200 million are expected to be electrified through mini-grids or solar home systems solutions. BU Africa has great ambitions in this BtoC/BtoT African market and mini-grids are therefore part of the core business of the BU.

The objective is to expand in Africa where ENGIE PowerCorner has already identified several development opportunities and to become a leader of the mini-grid market with a key role in framing regulation and technologies, providing access to electricity to over 2.5 Mio people by 2025.

In order to be successful in these ambitions, ENGIE PowerCorner is looking to reinforce its team by a Minigrid Business Developer, with a focus on the geographical area of West-Africa.

Key Responsibilities:

  • In collaboration with ENGIE PowerCorner leadership, Identify and implement optimal development and commercial development strategies for ENGIE PowerCorner in Africa
  • Build long-term relationships with key partner stakeholders
  • Cooperate with rural electrification government bodies
  • Identify tenders (or other funding programs) and coordinate applications
  • Perform field studies to contribute directly to ENGIE PowerCorner offer, services and business development strategy
  • Support strategy and commercial analyst to help build country specific commercial models
  • Collaborate with ENGIE PowerCorner regulation officer to identify/build regulation frames
  • In collaboration with ENGIE PowerCorner leadership, identify and implement strategy for setting up entities in new countries of activity
  • Keep up to date with offers and competitor

Required Skills & Work Experience:

  • Keen understanding of the energy access and/or renewable energy industries in Africa
  • Demonstrated ability to reach targets and deadlines
  • Ability to effectively manage key stakeholders
  • Ability to customise and clearly communicate the ENGIE PowerCorner value proposition, including quantitative and qualitative benefits to the customer
  • A solid team player who’s also a proactive and independent thinker
  • A passion for improving energy access and the quality of life of our customers
  • Commitment to live and work in Africa for at least 2-3 years


  • Solid educational background (Master/Engineer level)
  • Fluent in French and English, additional languages is a plus.

How to apply:

Please apply online here:


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