Company Description

LEDsafari, education and training company based out of Switzerland and also a centre in New Delhi, develops fun solar training kits (hardware and software) to help companies / NGOs / Government to train their workforce in solar at grassroot level.

Job description


LEDsafari is looking for market Analyst for solar for Africa and South Asia. This is a consultancy job for 6 months and there is an opportunity to come to our Headquarters in Switzerland for 2 months. 


First requirement of the application is the completion of following courses on the platform and successful candidates will be contacted for further evaluation. Courses required are: 

  1.  Energy and Electricity (with Assessments)
  2. Sunlight to Electricity (with Assessments)
  3. Components (with Assessments)
  4. Operation and maintenance (with Assessments)
  5. PV Solar program 1- Advance certification. 

Please log in to your account and you should be able to access the courses. In case of an issue, please contact

Hope to see you in second round. 



As soon as possible