Company Description

Since 1962, NRECA International has developed programs that promote economic prosperity in developing countries through technical assistance and training in rural electrification.

NRECA International strives to create permanent business cultures and operating environments in which local electrification institutions are able to survive, compete, prosper and grow.

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Institutional Development
  • Productive Uses and Economic Development
  • Renewable Energy Technology
  • Rural Electrification Planning
  • Rural Electrification Project Design
  • Utility Operations and Management

Job description

NRECA and PowerGen are working collaboratively to prepare an electrification advisory project in Papua New Guinea (PNG), which will include significant expansion of off-grid service through private sector investors and developers. A key member of the NRECA/PowerGen team will be an Off-grid Electrification Advisor who will lead all activities related to expansion of stand-alone solar solutions and development of mini-grids. This is an exciting opportunity to design and manage a large-scale off-grid program that will impact millions of households and drive economic growth.


The Off-grid Electrification Advisor will be responsible for:

  • Lead final selection and due diligence of ten mini-grid project sites in rural/remote areas of PNG.
  • Organise a coordination mechanism with private sector investor/developers engaged in solar home system and mini-grid development to facilitate transfer of market intelligence and to support efforts in expansion of off-grid market growth.
  • Identify financing mechanisms available through PNG donor partners supporting energy investment, US government agencies such as the US Department of Commerce, the US Department of Energy and USAID to support off-grid investors in PNG.
  • Coordinate with demographic survey and geospatial support teams to quantify affordability, housing distribution and other geospatial data that may be useful to support off-grid electrification programs.



  • Experience in scaling solar home systems and/or mini-grids in emerging markets.
  • Experience supporting private sector off-grid business start-ups to secure capital and to increase market penetration.
  • Experience advocating policies that support off-grid market expansion with local and central governments.
  • Understanding of the technical, commercial, and policy elements of off-grid electrification.
  • Ability to build alliances and to collaborate within and beyond an inter-disciplinary team of energy sector specialists and work in a multi-cultural environment.


How to apply: 

Please send resume/CV to or with the subject line “PNG Off-Grid Electrification Lead”. 




As soon as possible