Company Description

AMMP is a monitoring and management platform that provides real-time insights, alerts, long-term analytics, and automatic controls which enable significant operation and maintenance cost reduction for portfolio managers and operators of off-grid energy systems.

AMMP integrates data streams from a variety of popular manufacturers and technologies: solar PV, battery/inverter systems, diesel generation, and smart metering. AMMP provides an integrated view of off-grid energy asset performance within a single visualisation platform. Advanced analytical algorithms based on machine learning are applied to the data streams in real time, delivering high-impact cost-saving insights to system operators.

Job description

We are looking for a dedicated individual to join us locally in Amsterdam with experience to drive our growth and impact further.

The best candidate will be responsible for:

  • Building end-to-end features that contribute to growing AMMP as a platform
  • Building robust well tested software to create a reliable data pipeline for our customers
  • Testing your features and being fully responsible for them when they go live
  • Working across different projects and programming languages (mainly Python and HTML5/JavaScript)
  • Troubleshooting live issues


Our stack:

  • Most of our codebase is in Python
  • We are currently migrating from DynamoDB to Postgres
  • Our infrastructure is running on AWS (Serverless, EC2, SQS, S3)
  • We have some custom applications running on Vue. js
  • We use InfluxDB as a time series database to manage our sensor data
  • We use Grafana as a monitoring and reporting tool


Why you want to work with us:

Building a working culture that represents our mission this is very important to us. This includes:

  • Ownership of what you build
  • We help you to be successful in your role
  • No shortage of variety and diversity – in all aspects of the job and the company
  • An environment where everyone works hard to have impact, grow, and learn – and where we don’t forget that having fun together is a big part of the journey
  • Flexible working conditions. We’re not dogmatic about working hours or “facetime”. We know that – especially as we grow quickly – sitting next to each other and sketching stuff out on a white board can be incredibly effective. But at the same time, we trust each other to do whatever makes the most sense in terms of getting stuff done and building something great.




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