Company Description

The decentralized utility companies developing minigrids across Africa are at a crossroads. There is incredible demand and support at the international level for decentralized utilities to deliver productive power via minigrids yet most companies are struggling to get financing to build their first grid or to move beyond pilot phases even if they have good track records and teams. One of AMDA’s central mandates is to help address this financing challenge by building up the evidence base and market intelligence that donors and lenders need to better understand and trust the decentralized utility space with their capital.

AMDA’s second core mandate is to build up a more powerful and coherent industry voice for the decentralized utilities developing minigrids across Africa. To date, input from industry on the development of funds, policies, regulations and national energy plans has too often been piecemeal or lacking entirely. This is unacceptable for a sector that has repeatedly been shown to be the least cost option to bring power to potentially millions of rural communities. We are here to bring the needs of minigrid developers and operators to the table. Both at the international level through our core team and at the national level by the building out of national and regional AMDA chapters and representatives.

Please get in touch if you if you represent a company focused on scaling the sector that is already operating at least one minigrid complying with national regulatory requirements (see further requirements here), and are committed to representing the interests of our members to governments, financiers and donors.

Job description

AMDA is seeking an energy access finance associate to help build understanding of best practices in providing access to appropriate, large scale finance to the minigrid sector across the continent and donor community. You will be supporting AMDA to un-block billions of dollars in committed funding, increase access to debt financing for the minigrid sector, and find sustainable solutions for FOREX risk in the minigrid space.

On finance for the sector, AMDA’s objectives that you will be helping us deliver on are to:

  1. Un-block billions of dollars in committed funding that is currently not moving because donors are unsure how to spend money in the minigrid space.
  2. Increase access to debt financing for the minigrid sector, because again debt financiers lack understanding of how to match their products to the risk profile of minigrid companies
  3. Find sustainable solutions for FOREX risk in the minigrid space.

AMDA’s Energy Access Finance Associate role will be based in Nairobi, with the potential for international travel. The main focus of the role will be analysis and synthesis of data from AMDA’s membership to help inform AMDA’s policy and sector finance advocacy work. This role will report to AMDA’s CEO and COO. 

What you will make happen on energy finance:

  • Work with the AMDA team to draft best-practices for financial support and investment into the minigrid sector.

  • Coordinate work on the creation of the Results Based Financing (RBF) funding facility that is currently being created

  • Occasionally represent AMDA at external events, presenting AMDA’s work and the industry’s positions on key issues.

  • Collaborate with key AMDA members and partners (donors, NGOs, governments, companies) on best practices in investment and financial support for the sector.

  • Coordinate AMDA’s internal finance working group, and co-develop financing recommendations with the group

  • Support on matchmaking for developers and financers

  • Act as a resource for members who need support in accessing finance / developing financing pipeline & raising capital

  • Work in collaboration with the rest of the AMDA team to develop white papers and financing briefs to support the policy and advocacy objectives of the association

  • Work with key stakeholders on developing tariff calculation methodologies and recommendations


What you will  make happen on energy data from the minigrid sector

  • Support on establishing, framing, and achieving research objectives

  • Support on the evaluation and synthesis of trends in the data for review and use by AMDA and its research partners, both in terms of statistics but also in writing up summaries of key

    indicators and trends.

  • Support work with research partners, donors, and policymakers to help them understand and use the data themselves


What excites you

  • Being part of an organization that is changing Africa’s future for the better

  • Action research that will be used by key decision-makers almost immediately

  • A fast-paced environment where constant change is the norm and individual initiative-taking is encouraged

  • Having autonomy to implement your creative solutions – not just coming up with ideas, but possessing the commitment and skill to implement them

  • Passion for research and analysis, organization, details, and precision in all you do


More information on the type of candidate we are looking for can be found here in the complete job description and applicants can submit inquiries to:


As soon as possible