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Practical Action has over 40 years of experience in the energy access space. Over this time we have been involved in over 500 mini-grids projects, created thousands of jobs, published extensively on rural electrification technologies and approaches, and are now pioneering new approaches to building markets for energy access services, both on the ground and through our political and financial advocacy work and innovative partnerships such as Power for All. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more information.

Job description

BRILHO is a 5-year Programme (2019 – 2024), with nationwide coverage in Mozambique that aims to catalyse the market for clean cooking solutions, Solar Home Systems (SHS) and Green Mini-Grids so that off grid populations and businesses have access to clean and affordable energy solutions.

Practical Action Consulting, on behalf of BRILHO, will conduct research into the potential of PUE applications in Mozambique. This will generate information that supports BRILHO’s engagement with off grid companies, minigrid developers and policy makers. The aim of this research is to identify the most promising PUE solutions for BRILHO, considering the estimated impact potential and feasibility and viability of the analysed solutions.

The productive use applications looked at will focus on the agriculture, fisheries and livestock sector. This focus is justified firstly by the dominant role agriculture plays in the country, especially in rural areas. It employs 70% of the population and is the dominant source of income; secondly, The integration of PUE applications related to agriculture is expected to bring additional income into communities, rather than circulating the existing community-resources, thus contributing to the economic development of the target population. This economic development, could, at the same time, have an indirect positive effect in fostering the demand (capability of pay) for solar technologies being offered by the companies supported by BRILHO.

Although the focus will be on agriculture, fisheries and livestock sector, when the selected PUE applications have the potential to support other economic uses, this will be identified. For instance, solar refrigeration technology for fishing or horticulture may also be suitable for small shops to chill food and drinks. Some productive use technologies may have the capacity for other uses to be added directly onto them – for instance, phone charging can be added to appliances that generate electricity.

In these instances, we will identify that there is a likely market for these other functions and where proxy indicators exist (e.g. population size in catchment area) will use these to demonstrate the likely size of the opportunity. However we will not do a comprehensive assessment of market demand for these other productive uses.


Source: Consultant for Productive Uses of Energy Assessment in Mozambique - Practical Action


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