Company Description

Okra is a plug & play hardware + software solution that allows smart pay-as-you-go microgrids to be created by connecting existing off the shelf solar panels and batteries.

Okra mesh-grid design allows for grids to start small, with more panels and batteries able to be added to the grid to increase capacity as demand increases. Remote monitoring keeps grid operators informed so they can eliminate blackouts, adapt to variations in demand and identify exactly where and when the grid needs scaling. Each household is metered and charged using mobile payments, meaning families without bank accounts can easily access affordable power, for the first time.

Job description

Okra is looking for an Account Management / Sales Specialist to join our team full-time in Nigeria.

Are you experienced in business development, deal origination and pushing the envelope till the deal is done and delivered? Do you want to use those skills to create a positive impact and get energy out to the last-mile? This opportunity will give you the chance to use those skills to change the lives of millions through the development and deployment of solar electrification projects for off-grid communities. Okra’s core business model is to build and sell technology that can get energy out to remote communities. However, in order to reach scale we must also build a pipeline, and target sales towards scalable customers in multiple markets.

As an Account Management/Sales Specialist at Okra you will be required to have:

  • A strong interest and or experience in the renewable energy and energy access sectors
  • A deep understanding of pain points for energy companies doing last mile power distribution.
  • You will also be required to quickly develop a deep understanding of the Okra product offering so you can communicate it’s value to prospective partners/customers.
  • Your role will involve generating warm leads through our wide array of networks in the off-grid energy industry, identifying their pain points and demonstrating ways in which we can most effectively provide value to our customers.
  • You will be required to take customers through the entire pipeline from clear communication of product offering to closing commercial contracts.
  • The type of partners you will be working with will include utility companies, minigrid developers, solar home system companies, infrastructure funds, project financiers and if you have existing networks with these organisations that will be advantageous to your application.
  • You will be expected to make decisions driven from a place of sound strategic acumen, conducting market research where necessary, having the ability to create champions amongst third parties to advocate on our behalf and to make investments of your time that yield the greatest long term growth potential.
  • Key success metrics you will be evaluated on will be number of products sold and number of households energised by our partners - so to ensure that we are selling to customers that are actually able deploy rapidly.
  • Being a key part of a small team at a high growth startup company will give you the opportunity to be part of key strategic decisions that will determine the future of the entire company.


What you will be doing: *you can still apply if you don’t fit all the requirements.

  • Hustling to generate warm leads with partners and customers.
  • Deal structuring and negotiation.
  • Keeping an eye out for appropriate funding opportunities for our customers.
  • Applying for / facilitating our customers in applying for funding opportunities to roll out our technology.
  • Creation and execution of commercial documents and contracts.
  • CRM management. 
  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement. 
  •  Managing relationships with customers, regulators and donors.
  • Writing reports/blogs and presenting Okra at conferences/webinars to position yourself as a thought leader. 
  • Collecting high-level needs and requirements from partners and customers to guide product development and strategic decision making.
  • Working with the executive team to drive company growth strategy.


What skills we value: *you can still apply if you don’t fit all the requirements.

  • Tenacious deal maker with a scalable mindset. 
  •  A data & process driven mentality. 
  • An energetic, articulate and passionate communicator. 
  •  Pragmatic and able to find solutions when deals get tough. 
  •  A tough negotiator who sees the big picture, fights for the best deal and knows when to walk away. 
  • Detail-oriented, basically part lawyer. 
  • A context sponge.


  •  Flexible work location and working hours. 
  • Professional career progression and opportunity to take on leadership responsibilities. 
  • All expenses paid for national and international team trips (yearly team retreats, hackathons, etc.). 
  •  Cover for work travel, health insurance, sick leave and equipment (i.e. laptops). 
  •  A great work culture in fast paced startup environment with multinational staff. 
  •  The ability to take on additional relevant education while working. 
  • Mentorship from our investors (Schneider Electric, Greenway Grid Global) and a range of experienced leaders and changemakers in our network.


Source: Job Openings - Okra Solar


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