There are different ways to get engaged in rural electrification markets and into the off-grid, decentralised clean energies and distributed energy businesses and industries.

For jobs in the sector, kindly visit the ARE Off-Grid Job Platform

The Alliance of Rural Electrification (ARE) is also offering the following alternatives to get involved:

  1. Are you a professional and are you looking for a new challenge?
    Please post your bio and profile (including references) with a description of your business and project interests and we are happy to add you to the ‘ARE rural electrification expert group’, which means that in consultation with you we can share it with selected members and partners of ARE and will inform you about upcoming business opportunities where appropriate. 
  2. Are you working in the field of research and academia and do you have an interest in carrying out some specific study?
    Please post your bio and profile (including references) with a description of your research and project interests and we are happy to offer it to selected members and partners of ARE.  
  3. Are you looking for partners, networking and match-making?
    Please have a look at the ‘ARE Interactive World Map’ in the ‘Business Opportunities’ section of the website, the ARE networking options and events and the member case studies to find the right professional contacts who can assist you in developing, implementing and operating your own rural electrification project.
  4. Are you looking for a moderator or a speaker for a conference, workshop or seminar?
    Please send your request to the ARE Secretariat, who will be happy to identify the appropriate speaker from the ARE membership. Topics can cover all aspects along the whole value chain for rural electrification markets, businesses and technologies.
  5. Are you interested to learn more about rural electrification technologies, business models and market development?
    Please contact the ARE Secretariat to find out more about the ARE rural electrification training and seminars on project funding.
  6. You wish to work for the Alliance for Rural Electrification?
    Please regularly visit this section as ARE continuously is looking for qualified professionals with expertise in rural electrification and decentralized renewable energy solutions.

Unfortunately, there are currently no vacancies at ARE SEC.

Should you be interested in one of the above mentioned alternatives please feel free to contact us: