A clean energy transition potentially ensures vast socio-economic benefits to countries across Africa, especially in sub-Saharan Africa thereby improving access to affordable energy, unlocking income generation opportunities locally and scaling up energy security to enhance the socio-economic standards.

One of the major challenges to tackle is waste (produce, milk, etc.) generated by the food and agri sectors due to lack of access to cold storage facilities. Farmers lose their livelihood after harvesting simply because they could not get the products sold in due time. A parallel topic to address here is also in the health sector where vaccines, medicines, blood products and other essential items that perish due to the unavailability of appropriate cooling storage facilities.

Introduction of sustainable cooling innovations driven by decentralised renewable energies (DRE) can be instrumental in dealing with the above-mentioned issues. African countries have an opportunity to replace fossil fuel technologies to a more sustainable, climate-friendly, and efficient energy strategy which adheres to the Paris Agreement and low-carbon growth. Access to such novel innovations can enable a clean energy transition by enabling development in the rural as well as urban communities of Africa.

The 9th webinar under the PWCET series seeks to discuss how the introduction of sustainable cooling innovations driven by DRE can be instrumental and highlight the best practices from the sector. The speakers’ interventions will be followed by a moderated panel discussion including interaction with the audience.



Opening and welcome remarks

Mr. David Lecoque, CEO, ARE


Mr. Deepak Mohapatra, Senior Officer – Business & Market Development, ARE

Keynote speech

Ms. Ruth Kimani, Senior Associate – Clean Energy Access, CLASP

Speaker interventions and dialogue

  • Ms. Norah Magero, CEO, Drop Access
  • Mr. Ayoola Dominic, CEO, Koolboks
  • Dr. Ana Salvatierra Rojas, Project Manager, and Expert on Agricultural Value Chains, Solar Cooling Engineering / SelfChill
  • Mr. Emmanuel Beau, Founder & President, On.Capital

Closing remarks

Ms. Dorothea Otremba, Senior Advisor, GIZ




Date events
07 June 2023


Deepak Mohapatra

Senior Officer, Business & Market Development

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