Energy Fund

A public institution which has legal personality and is financially and administratively autonomous.

FUNAE operates on a national level.


Development, production and use of different forms of low cost power.

To promote the conservation, rational and sustainable management of power resources.

Eligibility for credit

We supply financial aid and financial guarantees for economically and financially viable projects that are in tune with FUNAE stated objectives.


    • To supply financial assistance or financial guarantees, loans to enterprises that have as their objective the production, dissemination of production techniques, distribution and conservation of power in its diverse forms.
    • To supply financial assistance for the installation or install systems of production or distribution of power.
    • To acquire, finance or supply financial guarantees for the purchase of equipment and machinery destined for the production and distribution of power, with particular attention for the use of new and renewable power sources.
    • To promote the installation or to install distribution networks of petroleum products in rural areas.
    • Supply of consulting services and technical assistance.
    • Publish and finance the preparation of studies and investigative papers on technologies for the production, distribution and conservation of power products or renewable power.
    • To promote the development and planting of forests for biomass production.
    • To supply financial assistance for the sourcing of transport for petroleum products for the supply of rural areas.


    More information

    Type of organisation

    • Finance Institution

    Rural electrification expertise

    • Finance & Investment

    Off-grid system used

    • Micro/Mini-grid
    • Stand-alone

    RE-technology used

    • Hydro
    • Inverters / Power Components
    • Solar PV

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    António Osvaldo Saide