At Encell Technology, we have a vision. We see an energy future that is far less reliant on the old ways of generating energy and increasingly committed to using alternative sources such as wind, solar, and wave. We see a future where this energy can be provided at a cost that is as low or lower than current fossil-fuel or nuclear sources, and with far less impact on our environment.

But before we reach that future we have to solve the energy storage challenges that these alternative sources create. How can providers maintain a consistent level of service when sun does not always shine and the wind does not always blow? How can energy providers and consumers navigate the tradeoffs between storage scalability, costs, environmental impacts, toxicity and longevity that current solutions reveal?

We were founded in 2006 with a goal to address these challenges. We design battery storage and management systems and have developed a family of green and safe products uniquely suited to the requirements of several rapidly growing market segments, including wireless communications, cloud computing, mobile technology, automotive, healthcare and alternative energy such as wind, solar, and wave. Our innovations include patents for battery designs, chemistries, and management tools and enable a complete approach to efficient and renewable power storage that no other available system provides.

We serve our markets in two major ways. First, we create environmentally-friendly and highly-efficient battery storage systems to meet the challenges of alternative energy collection and retention. We also develop battery maintenance and monitoring products under the Sentinel™ brand name to enhance the life spans and reliability of these battery systems in power-critical environments. Both markets are substantial, multi-billion dollar growth segments.

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Type of organisation

  • Small or Medium Enterprise

Rural electrification expertise

  • Manufacturer

Off-grid system used

  • Micro/Mini-grid
  • Stand-alone

RE-technology used

  • Battery / Energy Storage
  • Inverters / Power Components
  • Solar PV
  • Wind

Based in

United States


Christopher Bieck
MD, Int’l BD