ECOWAS Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE) was established by the ECOWAS Commission in 2008 during the 61st Session of ECOWAS Council of Ministers. ECREEE is a specialized ECOWAS agency based in Praia, Cabo Verde, with a public mandate to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency markets. It acts as an independent body but within the legal, administrative and financial framework of ECOWAS rules and regulations. The overall mandate of ECREEE is to contribute to the sustainable economic, social and environmental development of West Africa by improving access to modern, reliable and affordable energy services, energy security and reduction of energy related externalities (GHG, local pollution). Since its inception, ECREEE has been working diligently to create favorable conditions for regional RE & EE markets by supporting activities directed to mitigate existing technology, financial, economic, business, legal, policy, institutional, knowledge and capacity related barriers.


The ARE-ECREEE Cooperation

In light of the urgency to address the barriers hindering the roll-out of renewable energy, ARE and ECREEE have pledged to support SMEs and start-ups to upscale decentralised renewable energy and cross-sectoral collaborations in the ECOWAS region. They will do so by promoting sustainable energy policies, fit-for-purpose financing, innovative technologies and business solutions globally. The MoU was signed by Mahama Kappiah, ECREEE Executive Director and Marcus Wiemann, ARE Executive Director, on the occasion of the 5th ARE Energy Access Investment Forum in Abidjan on 13 March 2019.

Both parties agree that there is an emerging awareness on the technical and economic feasibility of exploiting the region’s huge renewable energy potential. As a consequence, ECREEE and ARE also acknowledge that these obstacles can be addressed if countries act in a more coordinated manner and that better harmonising and aggregating the demand for inter alia sustainable energy finance, technologies, innovation, capacity building across countries will provide a strong lever to lower costs, to improve quality and to bring reliable and cost-effective sustainable energy within the reach of all.


Project period

2019 - present


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